Saturday, February 19, 2011


Check out my special entries on THE HAPPY HOLLISTERS through my archive section to the right or hit this link to SPECIAL NOTES ABOUT THE HAPPY HOLLISTERS where you will see letters from Andrew (Jerry West) Svenson, Happy Hollister book club promotional material and special pictures.


  1. I recently came across your article and also have already been reading together. I want to express my personal appreciation of your writing skill as well as capability to help to make readers read right from the start towards the end. I must read newer posts and to reveal my ideas along with you.britian

  2. Thank you for the comment. I am especially pleased with your comment about my writing skills. That comment would be pleasing to the creator of the Happy Hollisters who strove for the same skill to write in such a way to make you want to continue reading each successive page.

  3. All right...I am still trying to figure out the problem of Picture Cover editions wrapped in dustjackets!!! Any thoughts on this?? I have two of them. The Cowboy Mystery, and Lucky Coins. The back of the book cover is a repetition of the usual Hollister information found on dustjacket backs, except it has a YELLOW background..... and the books do not say FIRST EDITION....... WTF? (Why This Format?)

    1. Picture cover editions wrapped in dust jacket are simply a mistake by the publisher, or a collector did that for some reason. As an example, I have an extra dj for Haunted House Mystery, with nothing to do with it, I wrapped it around my pc edition of Haunted House. Now the yellow colored back format is just what some of those pcs look like. My pcs of volume 1 and River Trip have NO illustration or printing on the back. They are just blank. After Lucky Coins the rest of the pc editions have a list of titles instead of the Meet the HH family that you mention. So some of these problems are publisher decisions respectively. But a dj wrapped around a pc edition is again either an error on the part of the publisher or if you got it from a private sale (antique store, bookstore) is the result of some collector doing what I did for Haunted House.